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What to Do About the Emotional Effects of Gynecomastia

What to Do About the Emotional Effects of Gynecomastia

If you’re bothered by your “male breasts,” you’re far from alone. Some 50-65% of boys and men universally have gynecomastia, making it the most common male breast disorder.

And while gynecomastia isn’t a risky health problem, it can lead you to struggle emotionally, given that having a fair amount of breast tissue is considered a feminine trait.

Dr. Mark Mathieson and his team at Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Sarasota, Florida, turn this breast condition around to create an appearance you can feel more confident about.

Read on to learn more about gynecomastia, including what to do about your symptoms.

Gynecomastia causes by age

More than 50% of baby boys are born with enlarged breast buds. Usually caused by their mother’s estrogen levels, these symptoms tend to resolve within 2-3 weeks. 

During puberty, dramatic hormone fluctuations can cause enlarged breasts. These symptoms often diminish naturally within 6-24 months.

After age 50, gynecomastia often stems from a decline in testosterone levels or from taking certain medications, such as anti-androgens for prostate conditions. You can also develop large breasts as a result of excessive weight gain.

Emotional effects of gynecomastia 

Whether your gynecomastia symptoms are relatively mild or quite severe, they can affect your mental health. While the condition affects people differently, it’s linked with numerous challenges, including:

If you already manage a mental health issue, such as anxiety or depression, gynecomastia may make those symptoms worse or more challenging to manage.

What to do about the emotional effects of gynecomastia 

Seeking support from a professional, such as a qualified therapist, can go a long way toward helping you thrive emotionally – whether you decide to have your gynecomastia treated or not. 

You may also get relief by addressing any underlying cause. While puberty-related hormone issues often resolve themselves, seeking treatment for a hormonal imbalance or losing excess weight may take care of your physical and emotional gynecomastia symptoms in adulthood. 

If you continue to struggle with the condition regardless, Dr. Mathieson can reduce your breast size by:

Our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re comfortable and achieve the results you’re hoping for.

If you’re struggling with gynecomastia and want to find out if you’re a candidate for male breast reduction surgery, call our office or send a message through our website today.

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