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Tighten Loose Skin Without Surgery: SkinTyte™

If you’re bothered by loose or sagging skin but don’t want to go under the knife, you may want to go under the laser instead. 

SkinTyte™ is a revolutionary laser option to get your skin back to its taut and smooth appearance. Each session takes place in a short, in-office appointment, and your results appear gradually, relying on your body’s natural collagen-production capabilities. 

At Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, PA in Sarasota, Florida, Dr. Mark Mathieson provides SkinTyte to tighten loose skin so you can feel more comfortable about your appearance. Take a few moments to learn more about SkinTyte and whether it may be the ideal choice for you.

Why skin gets lax

Skin laxity is a common issue. As the body ages, it produces less collagen, the main protein that helps keep your skin supple and firm. 

Smoking or dealing with significant second-hand smoke can accelerate skin sagging too, as a result of chemicals in tobacco smoke that cause the destruction of collagen and elastin. Significant weight loss can also lead to visibly loose or sagging skin.

How SkinTyte can help

While surgical options are available for tightening your skin, they tend to be invasive and bring risks for issues such as infection and scarring. Surgery also often requires significant downtime for recovery. 

SkinTyte is a far less invasive option. It uses targeted laser energy to boost collagen production and coagulate soft tissue to gradually create firmer, tighter skin.

SkinTyte can be used on a range of body areas that are prone to loose skin, including the abdomen, arms, face, and neck. 

Because it uses gentle pulses of advanced infrared light technology, tailored to heat dermal collagen while protecting the outer skin layer and keeping it cool, SkinTyte is both safe and comfortable. In fact, you won’t even need any topical anesthetic during your treatment. Afterward, you can go straight back to your usual activities.

Good candidates for SkinTyte

Because SkinTyte is safe and gentle, it suits most anyone who has loose or sagging skin. It may not be appropriate if you’re pregnant, have certain medical conditions, or take particular medications, so talk to your provider about your health history beforehand. 

If you’ve recently lost a fair amount of weight, you also want to be sure to maintain that loss, so you get the most out of your treatment and prevent additional skin issues in the future.

To learn more about SkinTyte laser treatment for loose skin, call Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, PA in Sarasota, Florida, or email us through our website to book an appointment with Dr. Mathieson. 

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