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Restore Lost Facial Volume With Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have taken the cosmetic world by storm and for good reason. People everywhere are transforming their old, tired faces into vibrant, supple visages with a simple, minimally invasive treatment. You, too, can turn back the hands of time and restore volume to your face with dermal fillers. 

Dr. Mark Mathieson at Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery specializes in helping patients look as young as they feel. He offers a full line of cosmetic treatments, including body contouring, laser treatments, and CoolSculpting®. One of the most popular choices is our injectables, namely our dermal filler line featuring Juvederm® products.

Your face through the years

When you’re young, your facial features are contoured by pads of fat supported by strong collagen fibers beneath your skin. The fat, held up by collagen, gives volume to your forehead, temples, cheeks, and the areas around your eyes and mouth.

As you age, your skin gets more fragile, and signs of age begin to appear. A combination of genetics, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors deplete collagen, causing your skin to sag and fat to disappear. 

Although aging affects everyone differently, no area of your face is safe from loss of volume. Most people experience lost volume in and around the lips first, followed closely by deflated cheeks and hollow eyes. 

There’s no reason to accept these cosmetic issues as a part of getting older. You can erase the damage time has done with dermal fillers.

How dermal fillers restore lost volume

Dermal fillers can give you back the youthful look you once had with a quick and simple procedure.

The fillers

We don’t use just any dermal fillers. We use Juvederm® fillers. Juvederm Voluma® XC, in particular, is specially formulated to combat thinning lips and sagging skin.

Juvederm Voluma XC injections contain a clear hyaluronic acid gel that rehydrates and temporarily restores lost volume in your lips and face, giving you a younger-looking appearance. The solution also contains lidocaine to make the injections more comfortable by numbing the area during treatment.

The process

Dr. Mathieson is highly trained in delivering the best possible outcomes with dermal fillers. Before beginning treatment, he works with you to understand your aesthetic goals and develop a personalized plan to address your needs.

He uses a tiny needle to direct the gel into the exact area you’d like treated. It’s a simple procedure that takes just a few minutes in our office. There’s no downtime, and you see the results immediately.

The results

You can expect a fuller, more youthful face, and your results should last up to a year. When administered by a trained professional like Dr. Mathieson, you can be confident that your results will look natural. And, if you like what you see, Dr. Mathieson can give you maintenance treatments, so you can continue enjoying your youthful appearance for years to come.

Juvederm Voluma XC can also work against other skin issues, such as crow’s feet and acne scars. It can also be combined with other cosmetic treatments, such as Botox®, so you can get the exact look you want.

To learn more about dermal fillers and to see if they can help you, book an appointment over the phone with Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery today.

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