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Males May Need Breast Reduction Too

Males May Need Breast Reduction Too

Cosmetic surgery for breast reduction is commonly understood as a procedure for women. However, some men need breast reduction too. 

At Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Sarasota, Florida, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mathieson, performs breast reduction for men who need this service. 

If you’re a man with enlarged breast tissue, you may be seeking a solution so you can feel confident when taking off your shirt at the beach. 

What is gynecomastia and what causes it? 

Gynecomastia is the technical term for swollen breast tissue in men. If you’re a man who’s dismayed at the change in the appearance of your chest — your breasts are starting to resemble a woman’s — you’re not alone.

As many as two-thirds of men over 50 develop this condition, and there are several reasons why:

Hormone fluctuation 

As men age, production of the male hormone testosterone starts to decrease. The male body also has a small amount of estrogen, the female hormone. In some men, the changing balance of hormones can lead to excess breast tissue and enlarged breasts. 


A host of medications can trigger gynecomastia in men, including: 

If you’re undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer, you might be at increased risk for enlarged breast tissue.

Drugs and alcohol

Some drugs and other substances are associated with gynecomastia, including:

Drinking alcohol can also lead to swollen breast tissue if your consumption damages your liver.

Medical conditions

In addition to liver disease, medical conditions that can cause gynecomastia include thyroid problems, kidney failure, and certain cancers. 


If you’re significantly overweight or obese, you’re at increased risk for gynecomastia. Excess weight increases the production of estrogen in your body.

Breast reduction for gynecomastia

At Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we perform breast reduction using liposuction, surgery, or a combination of both. Dr. Mathieson advises you on which approach is right for you.

During liposuction, we remove excess fat by inserting a tube on either side of your chest and removing the fat via vacuum technology. 

Men and women have glands in the breasts. If your glands are swollen, we remove the glandular tissue as well as fatty tissue; this may be a surgical procedure.

Call Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery today if you’re a man who’s embarrassed about swollen breast tissue. We can help! 

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