Losing Facial Volume? Here’s What You Can Do to Look Younger

Losing Facial Volume? Here’s What You Can Do to Look Younger

Selfies are now so ingrained in our social culture that the Oxford Dictionary added the word "selfie" in 2013. Have you ever taken dozens of selfies just to get one good picture of yourself? If you dislike taking selfies because you’re unhappy with your look, it’s time to change that with dermal fillers. Fillers are a surgery-free way to get fuller, smoother, younger-looking skin. 

Our talented team at Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery are experts in non-surgical solutions that rid your face of unwanted signs of aging. We offer injectable dermal fillers that can give you more youthful-looking skin in just one treatment. The incredible benefits of these injectable fillers can help you press “Pause” on aging skin. 

What are dermal fillers?

Fillers are injectable remedies that add volume and fullness to areas of skin that have thinned or weakened — most notably on your face. Your specialist injects the soft-tissue fillers just below the surface of your skin, helping you look younger. Treatment with fillers adds facial volume in the areas where you’ve lost fat or collagen due to the natural aging process.

Dermal fillers reduce the signs of aging. They’re the perfect ally in the fight against sagging skin because of their ease of use and painless application. If you’re tired of seeing loose skin and drooping eyelids when you look in the mirror or snap a selfie, a filler can help.

How do dermal fillers help me?

Men and women start experiencing facial volume loss around age 30. With age comes wrinkles, and you also lose elasticity in your skin. Your skin sags, and you begin to see smile lines and frown lines.

Dermal fillers can address these issues and also make thin lips look fuller and improve facial symmetry. Fillers can reduce lower eyelid wrinkles and shadows, and they can even smooth out and soften the look of recessed scars.

They’re affordable

If you’re spending an entire paycheck on moisturizers, cleansers, and concealers, it’s time to consider a dermal filler instead. Treatments are longer-lasting and more affordable than buying many overpriced products that promise to erase wrinkles but fail to deliver.

They’re safe

Facial fillers are a reliable and effective way to plump up your skin and smooth out wrinkles or scars.

They’re simple

Fillers are an excellent, surgery-free treatment choice. The procedure is quick and simple. Injecting the filler banishes those problem areas and replenishes the volume your face once had. You don’t need to go under the knife to restore beauty and balance to your face — this injectable remedy gives your skin the same youthful appearance at a fraction of the cost and none of the risk.

If you’re bothered by lost facial volume, smile lines, and crow’s feet and want to look younger again, it’s time to consider dermal fillers. They’re safe and effective. Plus, you experience minimal downtime, as treatment is a quick outpatient procedure.

Ready to try dermal fillers to look younger? Make an appointment at our Sarasota, Florida office.

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