Don't Let Just Anyone Administer Your Botox and Fillers: Experience Matters

There’s no doubting that injectable cosmetic treatment options have revolutionized the aesthetics field. It wasn’t that long ago when the best options you had for reducing the lines and wrinkles on your face were aggressive procedures with long recovery times, such as harsh chemical peels, dermabrasion, or facelift surgery. Botox® Cosmetic is perhaps the best-known name in the field, a treatment that forces contracting muscles to relax, but the field also features a range of dermal filler products that act passively to fill voids and restore volume.

Facial injectables are popular. By far, Botox and filler treatments widely outperform all other plastic surgery treatments in numbers of procedures performed each year in the United States. However, it may not be fully understood in the consumer marketplace that simply choosing an injectable treatment guarantees results. Each patient is different, of course, and equally important is your choice of practitioner. It takes skill, knowledge, and an experienced eye to make the most of your injectable treatment option.

Aesthetic Medicine

Any medical procedure that targets your appearance falls under the loose banner of the aesthetic medicine field. It isn’t a discipline that’s exclusive to a specific type of practitioner, such as a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. In fact, those practicing medical aesthetics provide many of the same services offered by spas that aren’t medically supervised.

Cosmetic procedures are big business. Services are in demand, so providers rise to meet this. As with any business, there are those out to get rich quick filling a popular niche. However, are they the best choice for your facial treatment?

Complexities of anatomy

Although there are many things common to every human body, there are also things that are as individual as you. Choosing an experienced medical aesthetician matches knowledge to your needs. Sure, you may have crow’s feet or worry lines in generally the same spot as your best friend, but a Botox treatment requires injections of a powerful neurotoxin into a set of specific muscles.

You’ve likely heard of Botox over-injections, leaving a person temporarily without the ability to form expressions. This is something of an exaggeration, however, training in anatomy assures that your aesthetic caregiver knows the difference between the target muscles and their neighbors. Therefore, choosing an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Mathieson is the first step in your ultimate satisfaction with your injectable treatments.

Understanding the filler palette

When it comes to dermal fillers, there’s a wide range of products, even within one manufacturer’s line. Simply, there isn’t a single formulation of filler that does all jobs equally well. Some fillers need to stay at the injection point, while others need to spread to blend well. When you think about it, it’s easy to see that the range of dermal fillers comprises a palette of aesthetic effects. It takes a discerning eye and wealth of experience to choose the right product to treat the aspects of your appearance correctly.

When it comes to your face, you want the best, so choosing Dr. Mathieson and the team at Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for your facial injectable treatments simply makes sense. Call the office for your personal consultation today.

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