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Considering Breast Reduction? Here's What You Need to Know

Over 43,000 breast reduction surgeries are performed per recent year in the US, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, making it a pretty popular cosmetic choice. Having the procedure is a very personal decision, and not one to take lightly, so the more information you have beforehand, the better.

Dr. Mark Mathieson is pleased to provide breast reduction surgery for qualifying adults at Sterling Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Sarasota, Florida. Read on to learn more about this procedure, including benefits and whether it might be a strong option for you.

It’s performed for many reasons

Breast reduction surgery can meet a variety of needs. Some of most common personal goals for this procedure include:

Not everyone is a good candidate

While most anyone with large breasts may wish to downsize, there are certain factors that may make you an unideal candidate. If you smoke, have diabetes or heart problems, or wish to avoid scarring around your breasts, for example, it may not be your best option. Breast reduction surgery also isn’t designed for especially obese people. You might not be able to breastfeed following the procedure, so that may be a consideration as well.

It’s a multistep procedure with various techniques

Your breast reduction surgery might involve surgery through incisions and/or liposuction to remove fat from your breasts. Most often, an incision will be made near the areola of each breast. Through that, breast tissue will be removed, and Dr. Mathieson will recontour your breasts. As he does so, he’ll aim to achieve symmetry, so that your breasts are the same or close to the same size.

Recovery may take a few weeks

Right after the procedure, your breasts will be covered with bandages or gauze. You may also have a tube under each arm to drain any excess fluid or blood as you heal. You’ll probably also receive antibiotics, to guard against infection, and pain-relieving medications. 

For a few days, you can expect your breasts to feel tender. They may also appear bruised or swollen, all of which will diminish with time. In many cases, a compression bra helps add protection throughout your recovery process. You’ll likely feel much better before long, but you’ll still have to limit exercise for 2-4 weeks as your breasts heal. 

When all is said and done, a successful breast reduction surgery brings increased physical and emotional well-being that lasts. 

To learn more about breast reduction surgery or schedule a consultation, call Sterling Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons or email us through our website.

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