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Can Laser Treatments Eliminate My Acne Scars?

Can Laser Treatments Eliminate My Acne Scars?

Ninety-five percent of people who have had acne also have residual scarring, so it’s safe to say it’s pretty tough to avoid scars altogether. Certain creams and serums on the market help fade these scars, but they take a lot of time and may not ever get you the results you want.

At Sterling Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we offer laser treatments to resurface your skin and help you get your glowing complexion back. Below, we’ll discuss how acne scars develop and what you can expect from laser skin resurfacing.

What causes acne scarring in the first place?

Acne scarring is a result of the damage done to your skin and the tissue underneath. After the acne clears, scars are left behind as your skin tries to repair itself. Your body will produce collagen as it tries to heal. Too little or too much collagen will cause scarring.

You are at increased risk for developing acne scars if:

Genetics can also determine if you’ll be more likely to scar.

There are ways to treat your acne, with laser treatments being one of the most popular.

Laser skin resurfacing, explained

Laser skin resurfacing, or a laser peel, uses lasers to target irregularities in the skin. It can be used to treat scarring and wrinkles, even out skin tone, or remove lesions. This procedure uses concentrated pulses of light and heat to target certain areas. It removes skin layer by layer in order to reveal the newer and smoother skin underneath. 

Laser treatments for acne focus on the scarred tissue in order to remove it. The heat used during the procedure will also encourage the growth of new collagen which will smooth the area of skin where the scarring was.

What to expect

At Sterling Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we use the Erbium laser for our treatments. This specific laser causes minimal injury to the surrounding skin tissue, and only requires a local anesthetic. This treatment has a recovery time of about one week. Side effects may include a little bit of swelling and redness which should only last for a short while.

This type of laser skin resurfacing procedure works best on superficial scarring. If you have deep, recessed scars, you may have to get several rounds of treatment to get the results you desire.

If you want to eliminate your acne scars, laser treatments could be the right choice for you. To schedule an appointment or find out more about our laser treatments, please contact us at 941-208-6696 today.

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