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5 Ways Your Breasts Change After Extreme Weight Loss

5 Ways Your Breasts Change After Extreme Weight Loss

Weight loss requires hard work and dedication, so losing significant weight is an incredible achievement worth celebrating. While extreme weight loss brings positive health and appearance changes, it can also leave behind loose or sagging skin.

Body contouring can help address sagging and loose skin after extreme weight loss, but your arms and tummy aren’t the only parts of your body affected by weight loss. As you shed pounds, your breasts undergo transformations that may affect their shape, size, and overall appearance. 

Thanks to mastopexy 一 a type of breast surgery more commonly referred to as a breast lift 一 you don’t have to get stuck with misshapen or sagging breasts. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Mathieson at Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, PA, in Sarasota, Florida, offers a variety of cosmetic lifts, including breast lifts and body contouring, to help accentuate your weight loss efforts. 

Read on as our team explores five common ways your breasts may change after extreme weight loss and how Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, PA, can help you achieve your desired breast aesthetics.

1. Reduced breast volume

As your body sheds fat, it’s not uncommon for your breasts to lose some of their fullness, resulting in a deflated appearance, making breasts appear smaller and less firm.

2. Sagging breasts

You are not alone if your breasts seem to sag or droop lower than they used to. Ptosis, the official name for sagging breasts, results from natural aging but can also happen after extreme weight loss.

When you gain weight, your skin stretches to accommodate the excess weight and may lose elasticity. Once the weight is lost, your skin may struggle to tighten, causing your breasts to droop or sag. To address this concern, Dr. Mathieson, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, offers breast lift procedures that elevate and reshape your breasts, restoring a more youthful and lifted appearance.

3. Elongated breast shape 

Not only do the size of your breasts change after weight loss, but their shape can also change. When you lose a significant amount of weight, you lose fat, but you also might notice a decrease in breast tissue, making your breasts appear less round and more elongated or even tubular. 

Depending on your needs, Dr. Mathieson may recommend breast augmentation in conjunction with a lift to improve the shape of your breasts. Breast lift and augmentation combined can restore a more symmetrical and proportionate appearance.

4. Loose and excess skin

Carrying extra weight stretches out elastin and collagen fibers in your skin, and when you lose significant weight 一 referring to a loss of 100 or more pounds 一 it can be challenging for those fibers to stretch back. Even if you don’t lose quite that much but lose weight rapidly, your skin fibers can have a difficulty reverting back. 

When your skin doesn’t stretch, weight loss leaves excess skin behind, including in the breast area. This excess can create a wrinkled or sagging appearance, impacting overall body contour and self-confidence. 

During a breast lift, Dr. Mathieson expertly removes excess skin and reshapes your breasts for a more harmonious silhouette.

5. Asymmetrical breasts 

Weight loss can impact the shape of your breasts, but each breast may not change the same way. Breast asymmetry, where one breast appears larger or differently shaped than the other, is common after weight loss. Women who breastfeed may also struggle with asymmetry. 

At Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, PA, our team understands the importance of symmetry in breast aesthetics. Dr. Mathieson tailors a customized treatment plan to address your specific concerns of each breast, ensuring a balanced and natural-looking outcome.

Explore your options with a cosmetic breast surgery consultation

Extreme weight loss can result in significant changes to your breasts, affecting their volume, shape, and symmetry. If you're unhappy with how your breasts have changed after losing weight, Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, PA, can help. 

Dr. Mathieson offers a range of procedures, including breast augmentation and breast lifts, to restore and enhance the appearance of your breasts. Contact us today at 941-203-7931 or click online to schedule a cosmetic surgery consultation and embark on your transformative journey toward the breasts you desire.

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