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5 Remarkable Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast augmentation always heads any list of top plastic surgeries, but breast reduction can be even more fulfilling for patients. Both women and men seek out breast reduction specialists, and the surgery can have remarkable benefits for your emotional, mental, and physical health.  

Dr. Mark Mathieson at Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Sarasota, Florida is an expert in performing breast reductions and reconstructions for both women and men. He uses tissue removal and liposuction techniques to shape breast and chest tissue and give you the comfort and physical appearance you crave.

Breast reduction for women

Many women seek out breast reduction for physical reasons. Overly large breasts can cause back and neck pain and posture problems. Bra straps can cut painfully into your shoulders, and you can end up with skin rashes below or on the sides of your breasts. In addition, your large breasts might attract attention you don’t enjoy, and you might also be shamed for your body type or feel self-conscious about how your clothes fit.

Breast reduction for women involves the surgical removal of breast tissue and skin, and lifting of the nipple into an attractive placement. Dr. Mathieson will carefully lift and shape your breasts for an even, natural, perky appearance. You’ll wear a compression garment during healing, and then you’ll be ready to shop for a new wardrobe.

Breast reduction for men

Around 40%of men suffer from gynecomastia, or enlargement of their breast tissue. If you feel like you have “man boobs,” or suffer from mental or emotional distress over your body appearance, gynecomastia surgery could help.

Breast reduction in men involves either surgical removal of breast glandular tissue, or liposuction to simply remove extra layers of fat. The two procedures can also be used together. Dr. Mathieson examines your chest to see which option offers the better results. He’ll also make sure you have the right compression garment for after your surgery.    

5 benefits of breast reduction

You’ll be amazed at how much your life can improve after breast reduction!

1. Goodbye, stooped shoulders and pain

Nearly all women and many men who get breast reduction report that having the excess breast tissue removed relieves their back, neck, and shoulder pain. Pain relief can really change your life.

2. Hello, easier clothes shopping

It’s so much easier to find clothes that fit when your oversized breast tissue isn’t getting in the way. You’ll enjoy discovering all the clothing styles that now magically fit your new frame.

3. No more baggy tops

Remember when you’d hide your chest in baggy sweatshirts or extravagant ponchos? With your brand new look, hiding inside of oversized clothing is a thing of the past.

4. Increased confidence and self-esteem

When you like the way your body looks, you feel more self-assured and happy. Men and women who get breast reduction report being very satisfied with their results. 

5. Freedom of movement

Were you avoiding working out or enjoying physical activity because of your condition? Breast reduction makes it easier to enjoy doing things you love or always wanted to try, like riding horseback or playing tennis.

Ready to reap the benefits of breast reduction or gynecomastia surgery? Call our office at 941-208-6696 or make an appointment online for a consultation.

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