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4 Problems That Respond Well to Botox®

4 Problems That Respond Well to Botox®

Botox became a household name because of its usage as a cosmetic injectable, specifically in treating forehead and eye wrinkles. However, that isn’t all it’s good for. Botox injectables can be used in different places to achieve different effects, even minimizing problems like excessive sweating. 

At Sterling Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, PA, in Sarasota, Florida, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Mathieson provides injectable treatments like Botox® to help resolve numerous aesthetic and medical issues. 

Botox overview 

Chances are, you have a general idea of how Botox works. When your doctor injects it under the skin, it paralyzes the tiny muscles underneath. The details and history of this treatment only make it more fascinating. 

What is it?

Botox is made using onabotulinumtoxinA, a form of the botulism toxin. Though this sounds intimidating, the toxin has been purified and tested extensively. In the hands of an experienced injector, there’s very little chance of a negative reaction.

Is it approved?

Botox was approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in 2002, but before it was used to freeze wrinkles, Botox was actually used by ophthalmologists. By paralyzing muscles responsible for spastic movements, Botox could temporarily alleviate problems like lazy eye and eyelid spasms. 

What’s it good for?

The ability of Botox to “freeze” muscles made it perfect for cosmetic use. Many wrinkles are caused by the creasing of your skin when you make certain expressions. Botox can prevent these dynamic wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles responsible, so you can smile, frown, and even squint without causing lines and furrows. 

The amazing versatility of Botox

Botox’s properties make it perfect for treating a variety of issues. Dr. Mathieson uses it to solve four common problems: 

  1. Vertical lines between the brows
  2. Horizontal lines across the forehead 
  3. Crow’s feet, which are typically the result of squinting 
  4. Excessive armpit sweat, also known as axillary hyperhidrosis

There are also off-label uses for Botox. Some doctors use it for visible cords in the neck, which are often caused by cervical strain, or spasms around the larynx that cause hoarseness. You can ask Dr. Mathieson about other ways you can use Botox.  

What to expect 

Like other cosmetic injections, Botox is relatively painless, quick, and low-commitment. Many people opt for Botox routines so they can maintain their appearances without taking downtime for surgical procedures like facelifts. 

You can expect a bit of a pinch during the injections, but our team can provide topical anesthetics if that bothers you. There might be some bruising or redness after the injections, but you can cover it with makeup and return to your regular activities right away. 

Curious about the different ways to use Botox? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mathieson to discuss how it might help you. You can get in touch by calling 941-203-7931, or visit the contact page for more information.

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